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Best aquarium filter types (corner, sponge, power, canister filter…)

For choosing the best aquarium filter for your fish, consider a number of factors such as the size of the aquarium and the breed of the fishes. There are a variety of aquarium filters you can choose from.

Corner (box filter) and sponge filter for small fish and Betta

Corner or Box filters, also known as aquarium corner filters, were the first type of aquarium filters made available for small fish tanks. These filters are very affordable. Owners can use a number of filter media to load box filters. A box filter is the best aquarium filter to use for breeding aquariums because the intake flow is not very strong, which is good for tiny fry.

Sponge aquarium filters provide both biological and mechanical filtration. This type is the best aquarium filter for tanks with small fry because the filter media prevents these tiny creatures from being sucked into or through the air pump.


Canister filters for medium to large fish tank

Canister filters, on the other hand, are powerful filters. This is the best aquarium filter type for medium to large aquariums. These filters are placed outside the aquarium tank, typically below the aquarium stand. A canister filter forces aquarium water through its filter media, which makes it ideal for tanks with heavy loads. With the addition of a biowheel, you can increase the capacity of your aquarium filter for biological filtration. Canister filters, however, are difficult to clean and maintain.


Fluval 06 external canister filters are the best canister filters

Power filter – the most popular aquarium filter

Power filters are the most common types of aquarium filters. Installing a power filter is quite simple and it is easy to maintain. These filters can be hung at the back of the tank. Also, since this type already provides both mechanical and chemical filtration, the addition of a biowheel will help provide necessary biological filtration.


Other aquarium filter types

The Under Gravel Filter uses a plate filter placed under the substrate. Aquarium water is pulled down by an air pump through the substrate and takes with it the unwanted particulate matter. The UGF is affordable, easy to set up and relatively maintenance-free.

Trickle filters, which are also called wet/dry filters, are meant to aerate aquarium water. It exposes the water to air by allowing it to trickle over a variety of filter media, including strands, floss or plastic balls. Although these filters clog easily, you can use a mechanical pre-filter to address the problem.

Diatomic filters are a specialized type of aquarium filter. They clean aquarium water by removing fine particles including diatomic algae. Diatomic filters are used for special situations only, which is why some standard filters have diatomic inserts to serve special functions when necessary.

Fluidized bed filters are relatively new but they have proven to be very efficient biological filters. This type of filter utilizes sand as a filter medium. The small particles of the fluidized bed filter provide sufficient surface area for bacteria to create colonies. This is the best aquarium filter for biological filtration and can be used in aquariums of whatever sizes.

Fluval Edge 6 gallon aquarium is a great decor for your home

Fluval Edge 6 gallon fish tank is great choice for everyone who need a new 5 gallon fish tank or such tank sizes. The great aquarium can make any rooms stunning and bright. This is such a great aquarium we think that the negatives are far outweighed by the positives.

Here are our 3 reasons to buy the Fluval Edge 6 gallon fish tank:

Fluval Edge 6 gallon aquarium looks great!

When the aquarium is full the water fills to slightly above the main body of the tank – there is a small vent where the water level rises to – which allows the Edge aquarium to appear as though there is no air at the top.


Although this is a simple design feature and doesn’t sound spectacular, you’ll find it is.

Instead of having a tank full of water in front of you it seems like you have a slice of the sea sitting on a table. Because you can see into the Fluval Edge from any angle you can see little things that you never would have seen before.

The 360 degree viewing and unique styling makes for a visual treat every time you look at your fish.

Best LED lighting from the tank

Part of the design is having the one opening for the tank at the top. Because of this unusual feature the design team had to think about how to light the aquarium.


The clever guys working on the Fluval Edge came up with something genius.

By putting a LED light in the hood in the centre it gives the aquarium a ‘shimmery’ look. Really it makes the centre of the tank really pop out at you and the rest of the tank gets a mysterious glow.

Whether this was intentional or a product of the design I guess we’ll never know but whatever the reason, it looks good

Smart and powerful filtration system to keep your fish healthy

Since this is a unique aquarium it needed a unique set of tools. A standard filter won’t fit into the Fluval Edge so they built the filter system into the aquarium.

Now many tanks this small have their own built in filters but the Fluval Edge well performs 3 types of filters in one:

  1. Mechanical Filter
  2. Chemical Filter
  3. Biological Filter

Thanks to these great little filters you won’t be plagued with algae unless you make some silly mistakes like leaving the tank in direct sunlight.

*If you do get some algae you can just buy a sea slug or two to help the filter out, they eat the algae and they make a tank look more authentic.

If you are looking for a filter to have in a home office, bedroom  or kitchen but you don’t have a lot of room  to work with then the Fluval Edge could be the tank you are looking for.

There is minimum maintenance while giving you a great, fun and visually interesting tank.

Read more and buy Fluval Edge 6 gallon fish tank:

Profit of having a 20 gallon planted fish tank in your home

Owning a 20 gallon fish tank can be a very relaxing hobby. If you have small children, they will spend many hours mesmerized by brightly colored fish swimming around and frolicking. In fact, aquariums are a great way to bring the family together, especially if you allow each of your children to pick out one special fish (of the breeds you are planning to have in your aquarium) to be his or her very own fish.


Despite the relaxing nature of aquariums, they are not a no-care item. In fact there are many things that must be considered when choosing the proper fish tank for your specific needs. Aquariums today come in many shapes and sizes. It is always a good idea to know what you are going to be using your fish tank for before purchasing and setting it up. You do not want to have to undo all the work that goes into an aquarium because it won’t sustain the fish and plant life you have planned for it. Nor do you want to kill your fish because you have a tank that is improperly set up or proportioned to house them.


Once you’ve decided the basics (saltwater vs. freshwater, reef tank, or live plant tank) then you will want to consider how many fish you want to house in your tank. A good rule of thumb is to plan for one inch of fish per gallon of water in freshwater tanks and one inch of fish (measured from the nose to the base of the tail) per 5 gallons of saltwater. With proper maintenance, however, a 5 gallon fish tank can certainly hold more than one fish. The quality of the fish tank has, as well, a great deal to do with the number of fish it can hold.


Many aquarists (people who keep or maintain an aquarium) prefer the 5 gallon fish tank because they are not limited to freshwater or saltwater; they can have one or more of each. In addition, you can have a fish tank wherever you spend a lot of time — in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, den or office.

Having an aquarium can be a great way to relax at the end of a long workday or workweek. These pets do not require daily walking or litter box cleaning, but they are an investment and do require some maintenance. Care properly for the animals in your fish tank, and it should provide you with a wealth of entertainment over the years.

How do I choose the best canister filter for my 50 gallon fish tank

When I setup my first 50 gallon fish tank, I came up with the best aquarium filters and looked at all their reviews and references before I decided to buy the right one which fulfilled my needs. Before I dive into the reviewing my top 5 filters, let me brief on why an Aquarium Filter is so important to your tank.

Fishes are great pets and can be great to look at and they are also low maintenance. All you have to do is feed them regularly and the important part is to keep your Aquarium clean. Sounds easy, right ? To keep your Aquarium clean, we would have to find the best Aquarium Filter which does the job right and does what it is supposed to do.

Without making you wait let me dive into the Best Aquarium Filter in the market:

1. Cascade Canister Filter

Cascade Canister Filter Review


  • Product Name: Cascade Canister Filter
  • Price: $60 to $105
  • Availability: Online Only
  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Easy Installation
  • Cost Effective

If you are looking for the best canister filter, Penn Plax Cascade canister filter is the best in the market. This Aquarium Filter supports both Freshwater and Salt water Aquariums. Cascade Canister has few models which will support all sizes tanks which are less than 150 gallons. I think the best part of the filter is that it can circulate water up to 315 gallons per hour. This water circulation will help to keep your tank clean. If you keep this filter running 24/7, your tank will look crystal clear.

If you have used a filtration system earlier, you must know how important is the chemical & biological filtration for your tank. This Cascade filter provides this feature to keep your freshwater or Salt water crystal clean. There are 4 locking clamps to make the tightest fit possible which will avoid any leaks.

After reading many forums, buyer reviews I think this Cascade Canister filter is the best Aquarium filter ever. The price range varies from $60 to $100 depending on the size of your tank.

2. Fluval 306 canister external filter


  • Product Name: Fluval External Filter
  • Price: $110 to $185
  • Availability: OnlineOnly
  • Performance
  • Quality
  • Easy Installation
  • Cost Effective

Fluval 306 External Filter Review

Fluval 306 canister filter is the best choice if you have a higher budget and if your tank is less than 100 gallons. Fluval is one of the best Aquarium Filter which have Multi stage filtration. You could use this filter for both Freshwater and Salt water Aquariums. This external filter is built with a Sound dampening impeller and with a powerful flow rate.

Fluval External Filter has an independent Chemical and Biological stage which will allow fast and easy mess free waste. Overall its a stress free, easy to use Best Aquarium Filter available in market.

The only downside I see in this filter is the price which ranges from $110 to $185 depending on the model you buy.