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4 requirements for a perfect fish tank for Betta

As you look around the pet store, you see plastic one gallon bowls, a Betta fish tank that is curved in the front, and all sizes and types in between. So why so many choices? What is the right betta tank for you? Let’s look at what the betta requires, and then we can make a selection from there.


Betta tank selection is generally made by the owner according to what THEY want, not what the FISH wants! This is backwards. If you want your fish to have a shorter lifespan than he could have, and live a less than full existence, then by all means choose whatever looks good to you. But if you want to provide your fish with the perfect betta aquarium according to his needs, then read on.

Your betta requires…

1 – A 10 gallon Betta fish tank

Bettas live in very shallow water. Purchasing a betta tank that is deeper than it is wide is a waste, he will never use all that space at the top. And it is harder for you to clean as well. Purchase a wide low tank, a 10 gallon glass or acrylic aquarium is perfect. There are tanks called “bow front tanks” that make ideal betta tanks,


2 – Very Little Room, Comparatively

Bettas can live a long, healthy, happy life in a betta house as small as two or three gallons. I personally use nothing less than a five gallon tank, and prefer ten gallons for maximum betta comfort. These larger tanks are also much easier to use, and attaching heaters and filters will not take up too much room. There is also ample room to add betta tankmates, plants and other “furniture”.

3 – 78 to 82 Degree Water and a small fish tank filter

This means that a home that is too small for a heater is no good. It has to be big enough to house a heater that can keep him at a comfy 80 degrees or so. This also means a small fish tank filter for Betta to move the water so there are no hot and cold spots.

4 – Fog and Scratch-Free Walls


Your betta wants to watch you. He wants to play with you, and perform for you, and he can not do that if he can not see through the walls of his tank. Besides, you want to see him and his betta tank in all their splendor. Choose glass or acrylic over plastic, because they will not fog up, get cloudy or scratch over time.

That’s it. Five gallon and up, low and wide, glass or acrylic and heated are the requirements for the perfect betta tank.