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Fluval 106 206 306 406 - best canister filters on the market

Canister filters boast of their large water filtering capacity. Therefore, they can filter greater amounts of water than other aquarium filters in the market. Canister filters also saves you space since you can hide it under your aquarium. These are also easy to customize so that you can have a combination of mechanical, chemical, and biological filter devices.


Because mechanical filtration is the major function of the canister filter, expect that you will have to clean it as often as possible. The filtration mechanism may easily be clogged up with wastes that you will have to take them out frequently. If not, the decaying matter might be circulated back into the water and will endanger the lives of your pets.

Once the water has been freed from the chemicals, it is allowed to pass through the bacteria bed, wherein the bacteria present in the bed change the nitrites into nitrates. This biological filtration is necessary in order to lessen the toxic effects of these chemicals.

Factors To Considerfluval-06-series-aquarium-canister-filter

1. Availability of Fluval canister filters replacement parts

When shopping for Fluval 06 series canister filters, you have to inquire if the store also carries replacement parts for the filter. Although the filter is durable and is guaranteed to last for a long time, there will be a time that you will have to change the parts of the Fluval 06 series canister filters as part of maintenance. It is best if you have spare o-rings, impellers, and rubber gaskets. You can’t be sure when you will need to replace them.

2. Type of aquarium

While there are Fluval 06 series canister filters that will work for both freshwater and saltwater, there are some that are not recommended for saltwater. Inform the seller what type of aquarium you have before buying one.

3. Installation process

While someone can help you with installing the filter, most of the maintenance will be done by you. Check if you will be able to clean the device without help from an expert. The water filter is an important component of the aquarium. Once you have chosen Fluval 06 series canister filters, learn the proper way to maintain it in order to prevent any danger from happening to your pets.

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