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Fluval Edge 6 gallon aquarium is a great decor for your home

Fluval Edge 6 gallon fish tank is great choice for everyone who need a new 5 gallon fish tank or such tank sizes. The great aquarium can make any rooms stunning and bright. This is such a great aquarium we think that the negatives are far outweighed by the positives.

Here are our 3 reasons to buy the Fluval Edge 6 gallon fish tank:

Fluval Edge 6 gallon aquarium looks great!

When the aquarium is full the water fills to slightly above the main body of the tank – there is a small vent where the water level rises to – which allows the Edge aquarium to appear as though there is no air at the top.


Although this is a simple design feature and doesn’t sound spectacular, you’ll find it is.

Instead of having a tank full of water in front of you it seems like you have a slice of the sea sitting on a table. Because you can see into the Fluval Edge from any angle you can see little things that you never would have seen before.

The 360 degree viewing and unique styling makes for a visual treat every time you look at your fish.

Best LED lighting from the tank

Part of the design is having the one opening for the tank at the top. Because of this unusual feature the design team had to think about how to light the aquarium.


The clever guys working on the Fluval Edge came up with something genius.

By putting a LED light in the hood in the centre it gives the aquarium a ‘shimmery’ look. Really it makes the centre of the tank really pop out at you and the rest of the tank gets a mysterious glow.

Whether this was intentional or a product of the design I guess we’ll never know but whatever the reason, it looks good

Smart and powerful filtration system to keep your fish healthy

Since this is a unique aquarium it needed a unique set of tools. A standard filter won’t fit into the Fluval Edge so they built the filter system into the aquarium.

Now many tanks this small have their own built in filters but the Fluval Edge well performs 3 types of filters in one:

  1. Mechanical Filter
  2. Chemical Filter
  3. Biological Filter

Thanks to these great little filters you won’t be plagued with algae unless you make some silly mistakes like leaving the tank in direct sunlight.

*If you do get some algae you can just buy a sea slug or two to help the filter out, they eat the algae and they make a tank look more authentic.

If you are looking for a filter to have in a home office, bedroom  or kitchen but you don’t have a lot of room  to work with then the Fluval Edge could be the tank you are looking for.

There is minimum maintenance while giving you a great, fun and visually interesting tank.

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